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One-stop for Water Leak Detection, Plumbing Repair, and Installation in Kelowna

Our team at King Rooter Plumbing has a combined 50 years of troubleshooting experience to draw from with full success rate completion. King Rooter Plumbing is constantly learning and updating with manufacturing information. Our team enjoys the challenges of troubleshooting any concerns our customers have.

Your Troubleshooting Experts

No matter what your problem might be, our team is equipped with the latest equipment to inspect the fault and resolve it.

A Very Heartfelt Thank You

“When my hot water tank broke down I called King Rooter. They came highly recommended and now I see why. Tristin was extremely quick to respond. Within hours of my call. Cleanliness and covid protocol were a top priority. And very competitive pricing. Also, the knowledge I was given about hot water tank maintenance was very much appreciated. Not only did Tristin fix my tank, he has given me the knowledge to ensure that I will get the maximum number of years my tank will be able to provide. A very heartfelt Thank you One more very important thing I'd like to add. I was so thankful that Tristin was understanding and patient with our BIG puppy. He is a 9-month-old Boxer, German shepherd, Rottweiler cross and a covid pup. Who is as big as a full-grown dog. He has had no one else in our home besides our family. Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with him. You have no idea how much that meant to us.”

-Rebecca M. - 21/04/2021

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